Sfaturi de carieră

Tocmai am citit acest articol şi mi s-a părut extraordinar ce doză de înţelepciune are-n el. L-am postat pe Facebook, niciun like. O poză tâmpită de pe 9GAG ar fi strâns pe puţin zece.  Notez mai jos principalele idei pentru lumea speriată să citească un articol mai lung decât un status pe Facebook:

  • Stay away from people who always have a conspiracy theory involving twisted office politics, unfulfilled Machiavellian ambitions, and unspoken agendas.
  • If you consistently deliver what the business needs most, and you do it well, it’s impossible not to get promoted.
  • Be genuine.  Never give advice for your own advantage.
  • Listen to understand.  Speak to be understood.
  • Do the work to prove your idea, or stop talking about it. In the end, only action and execution matter.
  • Don’t fear process.
  • A person is either passionate or they’re not.  People who expect their manager to make their jobs fun and interesting won’t get far.
  • Cynics don’t get anything done.  Stop talking to people whose first response is always skeptical.  They will crush you.
  • If it seems easy getting a bunch of great reviews, you’re probably working on the wrong team.
  • Do you practice specific skills with repetition and intent?  Athletes do drills.  Musicians hone difficult passages.  What do you do?
  • Follow great people.  Work for great people.
  • Above all else:  Integrity.  You must be able to trust who you work with and for.
  • Spend time with people whether they’ll be “useful” to you someday or not

De citit.